Who We Are

Hope Street Coalition is made up of advocates, family members, professionals, organizations, and communities united to create new solutions for homelessness and better assist the untreated and unhoused. Current solutions are not working and real change is needed. Join us as we work for Housing, Hope and Healing.

Our Team

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Paul Webster

Founder and Director

Paul's background is in legislation, public policy, administration, and program delivery.  He is an advocate and subject matter expert on homelessness and served in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as a senior policy advisor. 


He was the Vice President of a homelessness services provider and served a number of Members of Congress in a variety of roles in the United States House of Representatives.   

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Teresa Pasquini

Board Member

As a nine-year former member of the Contra Costa County Mental Health Commission, Teresa is an outspoken champion for the most vulnerable and often forgotten SMI population. She is a founding member of the Behavioral Health Care Partnership (BHCP) at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (CCRMC.) As Chair of the BHCP for 5 years, she served as a member of the Executive Leadership Team of CCRMC.


Teresa’s provided testimony in multiple forums including the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, the National Quality Forum, and an event on Capitol Hill advocating for The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. Teresa a family member of a son and brother living with serious mental illness, her 45-year personal experience drives her current passion for “Housing That Heals,”


Janet Hays

Board Member

Janet Hays, is founder and director of Healing Minds NOLA, based in New Orleans, Louisiana that advocates to remove funding and policy barriers to treatment and care for people living with no-fault serious mental diseases. She works with families and individuals impacted by serious mental illness crises to explore and create alternatives to incarceration, homelessness, unnecessary hospitalizations and death.


Janet’s advocacy has resulted in the creation of Louisiana's first assisted outpatient treatment court, advancing policy that brings together health and criminal justice systems to study the relationship between mental illness and incarceration and, most recently, the passage of a bill that includes psychiatric deterioration as a criteria for civil commitment.