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Advocating For Change

Homelessness is proving to be a problem of policy not poverty or housing.

Laws, regulations, and funding restrictions have reduced access to treatment and failed to create appropriate places to live and thrive.  There is more money and more housing and shelter for the homeless than ever before.  Yet, homelessness, particularly among the most vulnerable, such as those experiencing mental illness and substance abuse disorder, continues to increase. 


That's a matter of ineffective policy. 


Changing the system requires influencing decision and policy makers to make it easier to access treatment and harder to deteriorate on the street. 

Join Hope Street Coalition to change the policies on homelessness, mental illness, and addiction.  


Hope Street drafts legislation and regulatory language to change policy at the federal state, and local levels.  We influence the laws and policy that impact the untreated and unhoused.  

Direct Advocacy

Hope Street meets with decision makers and their staff to make that case for practical solutions to the crisis of homelessness, addiction, and untreated serious mental illness.  

Data and Analytics

Hope Street follows the numbers and recommends better ways to measure the success of homelessness assistance and treatment efforts.  


Hope Street makes complicated topics easier to understand.  We are subject matter experts in homelessness, addiction and mental illness public policy.

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Get informed about the existing government systems and the reforms needed to save lives and improve communities.  Check out our articles, backgrounders, and videos to learn more and how to advocate for change.


Advocate For Change

Join our community working for more housing, and more treatment and assistance.  Learn who your elected representatives are and their roles in reform and engage!  

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Housing That Heals

Hope Street Coalition has developed the Housing That Heals Initiative as a solution to the challenges of the unhoused and untreated.  Changing federal policy to integrate housing with treatment will save lives and improve communities.  


Federal Data on Homelessness

HUD statistics are no longer hard to analyze with the Hope Street HUD Data Dashboard.  See trends, make comparisons, and get a better sense of your regions' performance through this easy to use tool.

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More Resources

Keep up to date with the latest articles, reports, media, and information about homelessness, addiction, and mental illness policy by signing up for our monthly newsletter.  

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