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  • Paul Webster

LA County Commits More Treatment, Beds, and Outreach to Untreated and Unhoused in Lawsuit Settlement

Updated: May 24, 2023

The LA Alliance for Human Rights announced an agreement with the County of Los Angeles in its lawsuit to compel the City and County to address the homeless crisis affecting the region. The agreement – combined with the settlement reached with the City of Los Angeles

in April – will result in the production of 13,000 new shelter beds with full organizational and service support by the County, a commitment by the County to provide access to beds for high-acuity persons experiencing homelessness (often those experiencing mental illness and/or substance use disorder), 300 additional licensed beds for mental health and substance use treatment, doubling mental health outreach teams in the City, and ongoing coordination between the City and the County overseen by Federal Judge David Carter.

The LA Alliance filed its lawsuit in March of 2020 seeking to achieve three goals: shelter beds available at scale, increased mental health and social services to aide those in need, and safe and accessible streets and parks for all Angelenos. With these settlements in place, the City and County are now committed to a legally binding framework for achieving each of those goals. Read the outline of the agreement here.

Hope Street Coalition submitted an amicus brief supporting the Alliance's demand to provide more treatment for the unsheltered and unhoused. Read the brief here.

See more news on the settlement at the LA Alliance's page.

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