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Homelessness is a Policy Problem.
Let's Change the Policy.

Hope Street Coalition advocates for policy change that addresses homelessness, mental illness, and addiction. 

The current one-size-fits-all approach that emphasizes

housing is inadequate.

We need help for the unhoused and treatment for the

mentally ill and addicted.

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Current homeless policy has failed to reduce the number of people living on the street.  There is more funding and capacity than ever, yet the number of people living unsheltered grows every year.  

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$8 Billion

More Funding

Funding for homelessness assistance is greater than ever.  

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900,ooo Beds 

More Capacity

More homeless housing and shelter is available than ever before.

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24 % ↑

More Unsheltered 

Unsheltered homelessness is growing faster than ever.

We are a dedicated group of citizens, advocates, and organizations working together to change policy and bring housing, hope, and healing to communities struggling with homelessness.  

Casual Business Meeting

Hope Street Coalition Addresses the Intersection of Homelessness, Addiction, and Mental Illness by Advocating for Effective Laws and Policies, and Raising Awareness.

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